What do you do when you have had a cosmetic procedure that leaves your skin red, bruised or irritated? We depend on Oxygenetix Foundation for all of our post-procedure recoveries. Not only will it completely cover and hide an area that’s been treated, your skin will actually feel better with Oxygenetix on it. It soothes any burning or inflammation and helps the area heal more quickly. In fact, at Aponi Aesthetics our whole staff uses Oxygenetix Foundation as a daily foundation. An added plus is that it contains an SPF 15, and covers virtually all skin flaws. It lasts for a long time, and can even survive a sweaty workout better than anything else we’ve ever used.  Dr. Jenny says if she was only allowed to use ONE product on her face every day, this would be the one. It heals, it covers, it protects you from the sun and it makes your skin look great, even if you are recovering from an office procedure! The product comes in all different shades too depending on your skin tone.

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