The “traditional” method to inject hyaluronic acid (HA) dermal fillers such as Voluma, Juvderm, Restylane and Restylane Silk, etc, is through the use of a sharp needle. This process however increases the amount of risks including additional pain due to multiple needle injections; which can lead to additional bruising. Although very rare, further complications could arise including skin necrosis and blindness.

However, the use of a blunt tip cannula decreases these risks in comparison to the traditional needle. Why? The traditional needle easily pierces blood vessels as it moves through tissue with its sharp tip. However, the blunt tip of a cannula softly shifts blood vessels to the side instead of puncturing them. This technique drastically minimizes the risks of bruising, skin death and blindness. Some injectors have reported a 90% reduction in bruising since switching to blunt tip cannulas.

If you are considering filler injections be sure to ask the injector about the use of a blunt tip cannula in place of a needle.

8 Reasons To Ensure Your Injector Uses Cannulas

  • The bruising and swelling post procedure are significantly reduced. This minimizes social downtime.
  • Patient discomfort associated with dermal fillers is lessened.
  • The number of entrance “pokes” is radically decreased with cannulas. Example; Lips can be enhanced with only 2 entrance “pokes” with a cannula versus 10 pokes with traditional needles.
  • The procedure time is significantly reduced with cannulas. In most cases topical anesthesia is not needed for areas such as smile lines and tear trough area. Also, the process with cannulas is shorter due to reduced number of pokes.
  • The risk of a vascular catastrophe (which can lead to skin necrosis) is almost eliminated because a vessel cannot puncture with a blunt cannula.
  • Less entrance sites: The upper lip lines, lips, nasolabial folds, marrionette lines, and lower cheek can all be treated through the same entrance site with a cannula. The needle method requires multiple entrance sites to reach these areas.
  • Tear trough injections can be performed deep to the muscle to prevent the filler from being visible. (“Tindel Effect”)
  • Cannulas can be utilized for all fillers with the exception of Sculptra.

Not all medical professionals are thoroughly trained on the use of cannulas, so be sure to research your options before choosing a practice.

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