To all the moms out there, there is a brand new radiofrequency device called Thermiva that uses external radio frequency energy to rejuvenate female wellness. The procedure is completely painless non and has been shown to increase vaginal lubrication, reduce urinary incontinence, increase sensitivity, tighten loose skin of the labia, and tighten the vaginal wall muscles. Isn’t that what a lot of women want?

The procedure involves using a narrow probe and lubricating gel to gently heat the inside of the vagina wall, as well as the external skin. Results are best accomplished with 3 treatments spaced one month apart, but patients are reporting results even one month after the first treatment. It is so safe and comfortable that it can be used as early as 6 weeks after a normal vaginal delivery, and in addition, can assist in the healing caused by trauma from a vaginal birth. Thermiva is the ultimate “mommy-makeover” for the vagina!

Results last 9-12 months, with internal effects including vaginal tightening, increased moisture and stress incontinence, generally lasting longer than external results. At 9-12 months women can be retreated to maintain results. Some patients have a treatment every 6 months after completing a series because they love the results so much they want to make sure they keep it up!

For more information, click here THERMIva.

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