Department Stores vs. Dermatologists: Where You Get Your Skincare Products Matters

by Dr. Jenny

When it comes to your skin and looking your best, the products you use can be the difference between getting results and just getting frustrated. Understanding the difference between medical skincare and department store products is the first step in determining what your skin needs and where to find it.

When looking at a new skincare line or deciding which product to use for your skin type, we always look at the ingredients first, and we’re not alone. According to the 2017 Women’s Facial Skincare Consumer Report, nearly 50 percent of women are actively seeking skincare products with — or without — certain ingredients, and with good reason.

Focusing on the active ingredients, and all the unnecessary extras department store products tend to have, is the primary way to tell the difference between a proven, high-quality product and just good marketing. One example of this is the prestigious Christian Dior skincare cream that retails for $5,000 and regularly sells out. The product’s price is largely based on the fact that it has gold as one of its ingredients, but there’s no actual science supporting gold as beneficial for your skin. In this case, the fact that it is a well-known luxury brand, has a big price tag, and has a huge marketing push behind it is enough to make people think it’s something that will work wonders when, really, it’s mostly useless.

Another marketing tactic some lesser-quality brands use is to capitalize on a current skincare trend — such as activated charcoal — by putting the ingredient in their products but in negligible amounts. The packaging and marketing materials will often be hyper-focused on this one ingredient, but when you look at the ingredients list, it’s either not an active ingredient at all or in such small amounts that it’s not actually going to be effective in delivering the results you’re looking for.

If you’re tired of having to sift through a seemingly endless number of brands and products promising results but rarely delivering, it’s time to take your skincare seriously. At Aponi Aesthetics, we can help you better understand your skin and its unique needs and help you find high-quality medical skincare products to address your needs and desired results. You will be surprised at the price points as well. Medical grade products don’t mean more expensive. Just be educated to make the correct choices for your skin type.

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