Kybella: What Is It and What Does It Do?

by Dr. Jenny

Kybella gained popularity after Khloe Kardashian revealed she uses it on her double chin. This FDA-approved treatment melts away fat, leaving behind a tight, sculpted neck and jawline worthy of magazine photos and red carpet events. It works by distributing small amounts of deoxycholic acid, a synthetic version of a substance your body naturally produces, into fat cells. This substance makes it difficult for cells to store fat, so Kybella-treated areas no longer accumulate excess fat.

But did you know Kybella isn’t just for the neck and chin? It’s gaining acceptance in the medical field as an off-label treatment for the following areas:


Sometimes no amount of gym sessions can erase the stubborn fat deposits around your knees. Liposuction is one option for knee fat, but it’s often costly and carries more risks than other treatments because it involves general anesthesia. That’s why many patients turn to Kybella for the treatment of fat above, below, or behind their knees. It dissolves fat, not tissue, so it’s suitable for use in the knee area as long as it isn’t administered to the nerve-rich sides of the knees.


Many adults have a diet-resistant, exercise-immune pudge in their bellies. A tummy tuck or liposuction addresses this issue in overweight patients, but what if you’re close to a healthy weight? Consider sculpting your six-pack with Kybella. This treatment is ideal for patients who don’t plan to gain more than 10 pounds in the future, as your body may store fat in surrounding cells that weren’t destroyed when injections were administered.

Bra Fat

Finding a perfect-fitting bra just isn’t an option for many women. If your skin bulges out from the sides of your bras, you may benefit from Kybella injections. Kybella works best if you have small bulges, not heavy flaps of skin around your bra line. The results are permanent, so you can rock strapless dresses and tube tops with confidence for years to come.

Banana Roll

Banana roll is a cute term used to describe the not-so-cute roll of banana-shaped fat beneath your bottom. This roll may make you feel self-conscious in lingerie, bathing suits, or short skirts, but it’s easily treated with Kybella injections. Kybella melts away fat cells in each banana roll, permanently erasing the unsightly creases in your upper thighs. Make sure you avoid exercise and alcohol consumption during your first 48 hours of recovery and be careful not to gain too much weight after the procedure. The treatment is permanent, but you can still gain weight around the dead cells.


Upper body exercises don’t always result in sculpted muscles, especially if you lost a significant amount of weight prior to starting your workout routine. Dropping weight quickly often results in loose, flabby skin, even when you are at a healthy body weight. Kybella is a permanent solution for droopy upper arms, but you can also use it for armpit fat. Recovery often takes just a few days, and you may only need a couple of injections to achieve the results you want.

After the FDA approves an injectable like Kybella for a specific region, the agency gives medical professionals the freedom to use the product for off-label treatments. From your neck to your knees, Kybella offers permanent fat-melting results. Ask us how Kybella can sculpt and tone your body.


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