Lash Extensions

Lash Extensions

Whether you are looking to enhance inadequate eyelashes or want a bold, luscious look, lash extensions are a safe and straightforward option. Our certified lash extension experts consult with each patient to determine the look desired. The first visit consists of the application of a “full set,” and the subsequent treatments are used to “fill in” areas.

How long do they last?

Your eyelash extensions will last until your natural eyelashes shed. On average, most people eyelashes shed every 2-3 months (2-4 per day). Come in for a fill session every few weeks to maintain your look.

Are they safe?

Yes. When applied correctly, eyelash extensions are a safe and beautiful option to enhance your look.

Can extensions make your natural lashes fall out?

No, when lash extensions are properly applied and cared for, they will not harm your natural lashes. Your natural lashes will shed as it usually does, taking the extension with it, and a new lash will grow in its place